Crown Chakra Set

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Crown Chakra Crystal Set


1 x Crown chakra essential oil roll on blend (geranium) 
1 x Selenite tower - measures 10-12cm tall
1 x Fractured Quartz tumble - measures approx. 3cm


Selenite - Stone of mental clarity. Selenite removes energy blocks, particularly from the physical and etheric bodies. It is also effective at removing energy blocks from other crystals and stones - making it amazing at enhancing the properties and cleansing stagnet energy from crystals. It Also works well as a stone for protection when used in grids.

Clear Quartz - Absorbs, releases and regulates energy. Amplifies other crystals and helps unblock stagnant energies. Excellent energy balancer and raises energy to the highest levels. Aids concentration and brings spiritual peace and calmness. Helps increase clarity of thought