Preseli Bluestone (Stonehenge) - Pendulum

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Rare Preseli Bluestone Pendulum

Location - Preseli Hills region of Wales


Measure - 30-35mm each

*you will receive one similar to those pictured

Preseli Bluestone tools, such as axes, have been discovered all over the British Isles. Ancient legends tell of the magical and healing properties of the Preseli Bluestone. These lovely polished tumbled stones are of the spotted Bluestone from the same location as the stones used in the original Stonehenge structure (the deposit of this spotted Bluestone is a protected site, these have been collected from deposits carried off the mountain by glacial action and deposited nearby on private land)


Is an ancient stone of dreaming and past memory and has a powerful connection to mother earth. A visionary stone for past life exploration. Enhances will-power and courage giving enormous strength so you can bear hard knocks and helps you understand the gifts therein. Helps you focus, clearing your mind of trivia so intuitive knowledge comes. Good for helping to leave old attachments and feeling behind.