Quartz with Pyrite and Hematite No.1

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Quartz cluster with hematite and pyrite


Measure approximately 140 x 110 x 25mm

Weighs - 448grams




Clear Quartz 


Absorbs, releases and regulates energy. Amplifies other crystals and helps unblock stagnant energies. Excellent energy balancer and raises energy to the highest levels. Aids concentration and brings spiritual peace and calmness. Helps increase clarity of thought.


Hematite - Calms and dissolves negativity, balances aura and aligns chakras. Excellent stone for grounding into your body and the physical world when you feel spacey/confused. Hematite boosts self esteem and resistance to stress. Helps improve clear thinking and teaches that mistakes are for learning.


Pyrite - is a very protective stone, shielding from negative energy of all kinds. Pyrite is also known as a stone of luck and helps bring wealth and abundance. It is a wonderful stone for creative manifestation as it encourages us to follow our dreams.