Sacred Geometry - Platonic solids Set - Assorted

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Sacred Geometry set x 1




The platonic solids were defined by Plato in around the 4th century BC, and are regarded as the building blocks of life. Sacred geometry reveals that all physical matter in fundamentally linked to these shapes.




Each Platonic solid is associated with a specific element; 




Tetrahedron - Fire element, Key for manifestation




Cube - Earth Element, Key for Grounding




Octahedron - Air Element, Key for Integration




Dodecahedron - Ether/Spirit Element, Key for Ascension




Icosahedron - Water Element, Key for Transformation 




These act as visual instruments that can help bring our vibrations into harmony with the rhythms of nature and divine energy. We can use this fundamental energy to help organise and balance our thought patterns to help shape the way we experience the world around us.





Each measures - 13-20mm


*you will receive one set similar to those pictured - each is hand carved and may vary slightly.*


 ** Type of Stone will be randomly chosen - to pick your own please message us prior to purchase xx