Crystal Elixir Water Bottle - Hematoid Quartz - Limited Edition

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Crystal Water Bottle - Hematoid Quartz 


Crystal Elixir water bottles are a wonderful way to incorporate more water into your everyday routine as well as provide the healing benefits of the chosen crystal in your bottle.


What is a crystal Elixir?

 Crystal elixirs work via Vibrational healing. Each crystal vibrates at a unique frequency (at an atomic level) due to their individual composition. These frequencies can be  easily transferred into water and then drunk as a crystal elixir or crystal essence. The crystals in our bottles are safe for use in the direct method of crystal essences. (where the water is directly in contact with the crystal). The water then carries the properties of the crystal and provide the benefits of the crystal in your bottle.


Hematoid Quartz is a crystal which combines the strengthening properties of Quartz with iron’s stability and balance in Hematite.  This crystal helps to get rid of negativity.  Hematoid quartz  transforms this negativity into pure and positive light of love. The combination of Hematite and Quartz balances the spirit, body, as well as the mind. it brings understanding and clarity to your emotions helping you to perceive the difference between conscious responses and unconscious reactions.