Bio-Well Chakra Scan with Crystal remedy

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What is Bio-well ? 


Bio-well was recently used by Dr Joe Dispenza when conducting research for his recent book - becoming supernatural! 




The Bio-Well device uses state-of-the-art GDV or gas discharge visualisation, also known as the Kirlian effect, to measure and analyse electro-photonic emissions from the human fingers. 


The electronic “glow” of this discharge, which is invisible to the human eye, is captured by the camera system and then transmitted and translated back in graphical representations to show energy, stress and vitality evaluations.  Bio-Well illustrates the overall state of a person’s energy field.




When your body is out of balance, the energy discharge captured will be irregular (either weak or excessive) - using the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine - these energetic discharges are matched with their source meridians to show where you may have stagnate/trapped physical or emotional energy and how its expressing itself in your body.



Important information for Bio-well Scans:


GDV photography is a highly sensitive process - in order for the device to accurately read your energy discharge you will need to; 


  • Remove any faux nails, press on nails as well as cutting your nails prior to the scan ( Ideally 48hours prior)
  • Ensure your hands are free from any chemicals, hand creams, leave-in treatments etc  


(We will not be able to complete the scan if your nails are long) 







Your scan include a customised sound alignment track that has been tailored to your current energetic state - this is perfect to incorporate into your daily practices to balance your chakras after the scan. Sent via email, USB optional for you to take home a copy +$10.


7 personalised crystals - chosen for you at this point in time, based on your chakra reading 


As well as a take home Detailed Chakra Report  (printed)



Please Note Our services offer a 10% discount for cash payments x


Cost - $98


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