~EVENT HIRE~ Amethyst of Devotion - XXL

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Crystals for Event Hire


Perfect to add an energetic boost to your events! Great for;

  • weddings
  • births
  • sacred gatherings
  • family get-togethers
  • women's circles
  • meditation/yoga retreats


  Amethyst cluster with Openings to put floral offerings -


Hire pricing - $555

Sizing - 390 x 200 x 180mm at widest points

Weight - This piece is over 36kg


The amethyst of devotion was found in Brazil in 2022, she has multiple spaces for floral or nature offerings. This piece has a sacred, soothing energy and encourages reverence for nature and mother earth. This beauty has been popular as an addition to tables at weddings and as inclusions at nature-based gatherings and meditation retreats.






Amethyst property summary -

Instills calmness and tranquility. Calms the mind and helps dissolve anxieties and makes an excellent crystal for meditation and healing. It strengthens intellect and intuition to bring clarity and reach higher though vibrations.