~EVENT HIRE~ Selenite Coach Lantern

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Crystals for Event Hire


Perfect to add an energetic boost to your events! Great for;

  • weddings
  • births
  • sacred gatherings
  • family get-togethers
  • women's circles
  • meditation/yoga retreats


Bespoke Selenite coach lantern with amethyst and rose quartz, lovingly hand crafted! -


Hire pricing - $200

Sizing - approximately 480mm tall x 320mm wide


This unique lantern is one-of-a-kind! and was handcrafted with crystals and antique materials. This piece has been a much loved addition to side tables at weddings. 





Amethyst property summary -

Instills calmness and tranquility. Calms the mind and helps dissolve anxieties and makes an excellent crystal for meditation and healing. It strengthens intellect and intuition to bring clarity and reach higher though vibrations.


Selenite - Stone of mental clarity. Selenite removes energy blocks, particularly from the physical and etheric bodies. It is also effective at removing energy blocks from other crystals and stones - making it amazing at enhancing the properties and cleansing stagnate energy from crystals. It Also works well as a stone for protection when used in grids.


Rose Quartz - Helps increase our feelings of self-worth and therefore being worthy of love. Rose quartz has the vibration of Love and brings inner peace in all matters relating to love. It carries the soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. Resonates with the Heart Chakra and circulates divine loving energy.